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Introduction to digital exhibition

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In the city of Myrtis: travelling through time and space

(by Ioulia Pentazou)

How was the time Myrtis lived in? What did her city, Athens, look like? Which roads did she walk and which people did she meet? Which places was she excluded from? What did she believe or fear and what could a girl growing in the years of the war expect?

In short, what were the political, social and cultural aspects of the world that Myrtis got to know?

These questions, and any that will emerge in the course of time, this presentation aspires to explore. Writers coming from various scientific fields –archaeology, history, philology, architecture, medicine and many more– join their efforts to depict the world in which Myrtis lived. The result of their work is this digital exhibition which, with texts and images, brings back to life the age of Pericles and the Peloponnesian War.

440 B.C. - 429 B.C.